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Hemorrhage Stops Here

Saving lives with innovative, hemorrhage-control solutions… on the battlefields and in our communities.
Compression Works is the manufacturer of the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet (AAJT). This innovative, life-saving device is the only device to provide stable and complete occlusion of blood flow to the lower extremities, pelvis, and upper extremities. A solution for pelvic and junctional penetrating trauma, bleeding from pelvic fractures and postpartum hemorrhaging, the device is currently in use in over a dozen countries around the world. With the AAJT, wounds to the pelvis, inguinal, and axilla region are now preventable causes of death.


“Special operations medics picked it up fast, but after two minutes of training, we had 100% success rate for hemorrhage control in 45 seconds or less for non-medically trained marine reservists”

-Brian Girard Tier One Group Lead Instructor, former MARSOC corpsman

“We couldn’t make it fail, it worked every time”

-Brian Girard Tier One Group Lead Instructor, former MARSOC corpsman

“Its not too uncomfortable…definitely more comfortable that having a tourniquet on your extremity”

-Brian Girard Tier One Group Lead Instructor, former MARSOC corpsman

“Get this device, train your guys, carry it.”

-Brian Girard Tier One Group Lead Instructor, former MARSOC corpsman

Where Can The AAJT Be Applied?

The Advantages of the AAJT

It’s Effective

The AAJT is only device to save human life in upper and lower junctional bleeding

It’s Safe

Only the AAJT has human research that supports its safety and efficacy

It’s Unique

It’s the only device to have an approved indication for bleeding in the pelvis

It’s Fast

It can be applied in about 45 seconds

It's Easy

The device is simple enough to be applied by non-medical providers

It’s Preferred

Data shared by USAF showed combat medics preferred the AAJT

Buy the AAJT

It is not an exaggeration to say if emergency medical personnel do not have access to an AAJT, they are not fully equipped to perform their jobs. This is a must-have device for anyone who will encounter trauma and be tasked with saving someone's life. And the low cost of the device makes it an affordable — and invaluable — purchase for departments and organizations of any size. If budgetary constraints are an issue — and they can be at times — we have a flexible leasing option available, as well.