Five Steps To Success

  1. 1 Secure device around the hips by connecting the ladder strap until RED MEETS RED.
  2. 2 Position the bladder over the affected groin
  3. 3 Tighten the belt removing all slack
  4. 4Use ratcheting buckle to complete tightening.
  5. 5Inflate bladder until GREEN indicator shows.
Contradications: Known abdominal aortic aneurysm and pregnancy

What Makes Our Product Different

Save human life

The AAJT-S is the ONLY junctional tourniquet to have saved human life in upper and lower junctional hemorrhage.

Light and Compact

For medical kits and field packs

Researched and Proven

Featured in over 70 scientific publications


  • Battlefield tested
  • FDA cleared for 4 distinct indications
  • Scientifically proven in over 70 publications
  • Documented lives saved
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quick and easy application