AAJT-S Junctional Tourniquet Appears on ABC’s The Rookie Feds

The team at Compression Works was pleased to see the AAJT-S junctional tourniquet used on the popular ABC television show The Rookie Feds on Saturday, November 26th.  During the episode, a medic treating a patient with a gunshot wound in the abdomen applied the AAJT-S, and explained that the device would stay in place for up to an hour to stop the victim’s bleeding. While this is of course a dramatization, we’re thrilled the producers of Rookie Feds used the AAJT-S in the scene.

It’s not surprising to see the use of our device portrayed in a show like this, as the AAJT-S is the only junctional tourniquet proven to save human life in upper and lower non-compressible bleeding.  Used successfully in both military combat and civilian pre-hospital and emergency settings, the AAJT-S is FDA-cleared to control difficult bleeding situations in the abdomen, axilla, inguinal area, and pelvic fractures.

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