Ashley Autum



Our CEO John Smith has 20 years of experience in this space and has been leading our company. John has a high qualification & extensive practical experience. For his commitments to the enhancement he achieved our company’s success. Member have full security training courses and top system in the company. Always helping residential home & reach success for member loyalty.

Member Experience & Skill

Web Designer 95%
Money Management
Web Designer 95%
Market Analysis
Web Designer 95%
Product Growth
Web Designer 95%

Specialist’s Ability

  • Effective partner and leadership
  • Continuous company growth over 10 years
  • Effective priority management in consistently changing and new product space.

Expertise of Member

  • 20 years of corporate and product experience
  • Helped in creation of the AAJT product line
  • Extensive experience in management of budgets and money within the company

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