Stop The Bleed Around The World

US/Europe/International Overview

The Abdominal Aortic & Junctional Tourniquet – Stabilized (AAJT-S) from Compression Works is offered
around the globe. Compression Works currently has orders for militaries of the following countries:England,
Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Spain, Ecuador, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Our reliable and
trustworthy shipping process will guarantee that you receive your device order in a timely manner to help as
many people as possible no matter where you place the order.

Compression Works has distribution relationships with dealers from around the world who will work with you to insure that you receive your devices in a timely manner. We are a veteran owned business dedicated to saving lives on the battlefield or wherever traumatic injuries occur.

Benefits Of The AAJT-S

  • Axilla and inguinal indicators
  • ONLY device approved for aortic occlusion
  • Immobilizes and stops bleeding in pelvic
  • Proven equivalent to Zone 3 REBOA.
  • Easy to apply