How It Works

The AAJT is a circumferential device that utilizes a belt, windlass, and pneumatic pressure to compress the aorta or the arteries supplying the groin or axilla. The belt and windlass together greatly increase the stability of the compression. The pneumatic, wedge-shaped bladder provides focused pressure to safely compress major arteries and control blood flow. It enables lower tissue pressure for increased comfort and decreased risk of secondary tissue and nerve injury, and has no effect on critical diaphragm movement during application.

The device has demonstrated the ability to stay in place and maintain efficiency during patient movement in conned space rescue, drags, and hasty extraction.

What’s more, the AAJT is lightweight and compact, and can be applied in as quickly as 45 seconds even by personnel with no formal medical training.

How To Purchase


We offer multiple flexible leasing options for your organization. 30-day payment options are available.

Always In-Stock

The AAJT-S is always in-stock and available to ship within two weeks.

No Minimum Order Requirements

We don’t require any minimum order requirements.

Benefits Of Our Product

Anyone who provides emergency medical services should have this device on their person. Period. Law
enforcement officers and tactical medics should have access to the AAJT-S in high risk situations. Civilian
and military medical and emergency personnel absolutely need it. Truth is, this device needs to be
anywhere there is the potential for trauma, and anywhere trauma is treated. Because it saves lives.

Our products are currently used by:

  • The U.S. military
  • City, state, county and local
  • Militaries of foreign countries
    including England, Finland, Sweden,
    Germany, Austria, Spain, Ecuador, Canada,
    New Zealand, Australia and others