Compression Works Increases EMS Market Distribution Capabilities Across the United States

Birmingham AL, December 20, 2021, Compression Works, creators of the life-saving Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet-Stabilized (AAJT-S) device, has dramatically increased their pre-hospital EMS distribution capabilities across the United States.

By adding five new partners and coast-to-coast availability for the one-of-a-kind AAJT-S technology, the company is able to offer more EMS services, tactical units and first responders the opportunity to stop difficult bleeding situations, at the point of injury.

Developed initially for the U.S military, the AAJT-S device is used to treat non-compressible hemorrhages in the upper extremities, on the abdomen and in the groin area for lower extremity severe bleeding conditions in the pre-hospital EMS market. The technology is also used to close open pelvic fractures, commonly seen in auto accidents, and can reduce the space in the abdomen that the accident victim can bleed into, giving first responders more time to get the patient delivered safely to definitive care.

“We are thrilled to partner with highly specialized distribution companies to offer our technology,” said Compression Works President and CEO Scott Dodson. “Each of these partners has demonstrated the ability to bring innovative technologies to the market and make a difference in the care that is administered to accident victims and patients, while leveraging their strengths of training, service and accountability to their customers.” The new distributor partners include Medical Dynamics, Alamo Scientific, MED Alliance Group, D&D Medical and Sovereign Medical.

Dodson further stated, “We will continue to strengthen our distribution capabilities in the U.S. and for select international markets. Compression Works will continue to expand our global presence so that first responders, EMS, public safety and our allied military partners can leverage the capabilities of our device to help stop bleeding and save lives around the world.”

One of the new distribution partners Sovereign Medical Vice President of Sales and Marketing Chris Lowry said, “We are always looking to partner with companies that provide innovative, life-saving products for healthcare professionals. We are thrilled to have formed a partnership with Compression Works to offer their AAJT-S device to first responders and emergency medical professionals in our area of responsibility. We feel the AAJT-S is a "game-changer" and fits in perfectly with the other "best in class, one of a kind" technologies we offer our healthcare providers.”

Another new distribution partner, D&D Medical President Don Sizemore further added, “First responders had solutions for extremity wounds, but lacked the tools for non-compressible wounds before the Compression Works technology. Now more people than ever can save lives.”

The AAJT-S by Compression Works is made in the United States of America and has thousands of devices in the market with U.S. special operations forces, allied special operations units and in the pre-hospital EMS segment around the world. For more information, visit or contact us at

About Compression Works
Compression Works is the developer and manufacturer of the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet-Stabilized (AAJT-S) medical device. The company delivers innovative solutions to meet the most pressing and unmet needs of emergency healthcare providers. Compression Works is committed to hemorrhage control research, identifying capability gaps and developing technologies and products to help facilitate the delivery of quality life-saving care. The solution is used by the military, trauma centers, rural emergency departments, EMS and federal and local law enforcement agencies. The AAJT-S device is proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA. Compression Works is a veteran-owned business dedicated to saving lives on and off the battlefield.

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