Abdominal Aortic & Junctional Tourniquet–Stabilized (AAJT-S)


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Compression Works is the developer and manufacturer of the Abdominal Aortic & Junctional Tourniquet–Stabilized (AAJT-S). We deliver innovative solutions to meet the most pressing and unmet needs of emergency healthcare providers. We’re committed to hemorrhage control research, identifying capability gaps, and developing technologies and products to help facilitate the delivery of quality life-saving care. Our bleeding control solutions are used by militaries around the world as well as U.S. trauma centers, rural emergency departments, EMS, and federal to local law enforcement agencies. Compression Works is a veteran owned business dedicated to saving lives on and off the battlefield. Our products are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

How it Works

The AAJT-S is the abdominal aortic and junctional tourniquet–stabilized. It is the world’s only multi-functional life saving tourniquet for application in the axilla, on the abdomen, in the inguinal region for control of junctional and pelvic bleeding and for pelvic fracture stabilization and Zone 3 REBOA.

How it works

Five Steps To Success

1. Secure device around torso. Connect ladder strap until RED MEETS RED.

2. Position bladder over target site.

3. Tighten belt and remove all slack.

4. Use ratcheting buckle to complete tightening.

5. Inflate bladder until GREEN indicator shows.

Five Steps To Success Video

Product use cases
Multi-functional Hemorrhage Control

Looking To Purchase The AAJT-S

Compression Works partners with leading medical distributors all over the world to increase access to the life-saving benefits of the AAJT-S. We have representation in the United States, Canada, Africa, Australia, throughout Europe and select countries in Asia Pacific.

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