Abdominal Aortic Junctional Tourniquet - Stabilized (AAJTS) can be applied both successfully and rapidly by Combat Medical Technicians (CMTs)

Background: 'Non-compressible' haemorrhage is the leading cause of preventable battlefield death, often requiring surgical or radiological intervention, which is precluded in the pre-hospital environment. One-fifth of such bleeds are junctional and therefore potentially survivable.

We examine the use of the Abdominal Aortic Junctional Tourniquet - Stabilized (AAJTS) among UK Combat Medical Technicians (CMTs) as a device to control junctional haemorrhage with external compression of the abdominal aorta-compression of junctional haemorrhage previously considered 'non-compressible.' This follows animal studies showing that the AAJTS achieves control of haemorrhage and improves physiological parameters.

Methods: CMTs were selected and applied the AAJTS to each other following a 1-hour training package. A consultant radiologist-operated hand-held ultrasound monitored flow changes in the subjects' common femoral artery. CMTs were then surveyed for their opinions as to utility and function.

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