Compression Works Continues Humanitarian Support with Leleka Foundation to Save Lives in Ukraine


Compression Works teams up with Leleka Foundation to provide critical medical supplies, aiming to make a lifesaving difference amid ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2023/ -- Compression Works, a leading provider of life-saving medical solutions, is delighted to announce its ongoing commitment to humanitarian aid through its partnership with the Leleka Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to procuring emergency trauma supplies and first aid kits for Ukraine's defenders and civilians.

In the face of ongoing conflict and increasing casualties in Ukraine, Compression Works has donated AAJT-S junctional tourniquets to assist in training facilities, and ultimately, to aid medics and surgeons treating wounded Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. These innovative devices have already made a significant impact in saving lives on the battlefield.

To date, hundreds of AAJT-S junctional tourniquets have been deployed in Ukraine, underscoring the critical need for continued support as the conflict persists. One recent incident vividly illustrated the life-saving capability of these tourniquets: a Ukrainian soldier serving on the front line with a combat unit sustained severe wounds to his lower extremities during an artillery bombardment. Bleeding profusely from multiple wounds, the soldier's life hung in the balance. The AAJT-S was used to control bleeding in the pelvis and lower extremities. The surgeon treating the casualty stated, "Today, there was a case using the AAJT-S device. This gave us time to determine the source of the bleeding. Branches of the femoral artery and femoral vein were severely damaged. The bleeding was so intense that the exact location of the damage could only be determined after using the device." Thanks to this innovative technology, the surgeons were able to provide the necessary care, and the soldier survived his injuries.

"Compression Works is humbled and honored to be a part of this incredible story, delivering groundbreaking medical solutions that make a difference where it matters most," said Scott Dodson, President and CEO of Compression Works, Inc. "Our mission is to provide life-saving bleeding control solutions, with an unwavering commitment to saving lives wherever injuries occur. Every time one of our devices is used, we have the potential to save a life,” Dodson added.

Since the invasion, over 17,000 first aid kits have been distributed to Ukrainian defenders, and more than 1,500 fully equipped medical packs have been delivered to medical professionals treating the wounded in this conflict, according to Ivan Vidyakin, Co-Founder of The Leleka Foundation. "We are a completely volunteer organization, so 99% of your donations go towards saving lives in Ukraine. Please help us make a difference by giving to this urgent cause. Every dollar matters in our fight for freedom," Vidyakin emphasized.

To support the Leleka Foundation and contribute to the purchase of emergency medical products aimed at saving lives in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, please consider making a donation at

About the AAJT-S: The AAJT-S Junctional Tourniquet is 510k cleared to control hemorrhage at the axilla, inguinal, and pelvic bleeding and is also FDA cleared for pelvic stabilization. Originally invented to save lives on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, it is used today by the US military and numerous allied militaries worldwide. The AAJT-S provides the ability to control very difficult-to-treat pelvic and junctional bleeding by using compression technology to occlude arteries, veins, and other vascular components to stop bleeding. The product is also used by EMS, Federal Agencies, and other tactical EMS first responders throughout the U.S.

About Compression Works: We are dedicated to elevating emergency care everywhere. With our innovative compression technology, we provide intuitive, ready-to-use solutions that empower healthcare professionals to save lives—from the battlefield to the emergency room. We offer the world’s only multi-functional life-saving tourniquet for application in the axilla, on the abdomen, in the inguinal region, and for control of junctional and pelvic bleeding as well as pelvic fracture stabilization.

About Leleka Foundation: U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit specializing in delivering critical medical and first-aid supplies to frontline medical professionals and civilians in Ukraine. Established in 2014 in response to the Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, the foundation has evolved to become a leading expert in emergency trauma care supplies. In collaboration with its Ukrainian counterpart, Leleka-Ukraine Charitable Foundation, the organization continues to focus on rapid, efficient humanitarian aid delivery.

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