Compression Works Finalizes $2 M Seed-Growth Round Creating Over-subscription Opportunity to Expand Availability of Life-Saving Technology

April 11, 2023 – Birmingham, AL Compression Works, Inc., a medical device company and manufacturer of the Abdominal Aortic & Junctional Tourniquet – Stabilized (AAJT-S), announces the completion of their $2 million seed-growth round and continued strong interest in filling out a board approved over-subscription along with the recent investment by the North Texas Angel Network (NTAN) this past week.

“We are thrilled to receive such strong interest from high-quality investment groups such as NTAN and many others who have helped us complete our seed round,” said President and CEO of Compression Works Scott Dodson. “We believe that continued investment interest with strong business partners like NTAN represent terrific synergy as we execute against our mission to stop severe hemorrhages wherever they occur. The proceeds of this round of funding are targeted to scale distribution into the U.S. EMS market, expand our footprint within the U.S. military and accelerate our presence within select international markets,” stated Dodson.

The AAJT-S junctional tourniquet, a life-saving medical device created initially to control severe hemorrhages on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan is now being utilized in the first responder community, Ukraine and U.S. and NATO allies around the world.

The Compression Works device provides multi-functional bleeding control, is FDA-cleared for four distinct indications and is featured in over 70 peer-reviewed publications. The AAJT-S junctional tourniquet can be used in the axilla and groin to stop junctional hemorrhage, is the only device cleared for use on the abdomen for pelvic bleeding and bilateral lower leg injuries and has been proven equivalent to Zone 3 REBOA in multiple peer-reviewed clinical studies.

“We are excited to partner with Compression Works and support them in the pursuit to save lives by stopping traumatic hemorrhages. They have an innovative product and a strong management team, which positions them well to address a large and currently unmet need in both military and emergency medicine segments,” NTAN member Yuriy Vasylenko stated.

About Compression Works

Compression Works develops and manufactures the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet-Stabilized (AAJT-S) medical device. The company delivers innovative solutions to meet the most pressing and unmet needs of emergency healthcare providers and military medical caregivers. Compression Works is committed to hemorrhage control research, identifying capability gaps and developing technologies and products to help facilitate the delivery of quality life-saving care. The life-saving multi-use technology is used by the U.S. military, trauma centers, rural emergency departments, EMS and federal and local law enforcement agencies. The AAJT-S device is proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA. Compression Works is a veteran-owned business dedicated to saving lives on and off the battlefield.

About North Texas Angel Network

Since 2008, the North Texas Angel Network (NTAN) has connected early-stage companies with angel investors to help private investors make private deals with private companies. The nonprofit, member-led organization reviews investment opportunities across industries, including medical device and service companies, software and hardware technology, and construction innovation, among others. One of the oldest and largest networks in Texas, NTAN is a member of the Angel Capital Association and the Alliance of Texas Angel Networks. Follow NTAN on LinkedIn to learn more.

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